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embryologist in MumbaiGoral Gandhi has multiple expertise which she gained in her medical span of 25 years and is now a well-known embryologist in India. In a highly successful journey in her fertility field as a reproductive specialist, she has helped thousands of struggling couples looking to conceive.

The well-known career of Goral Gandhi went into helping every couple, training candidates to become embryology specialists, to become IVF specialists, and to fulfill the parenthood of every couple. In her Embryology career she went on to serve as the vice president of operations at Rotunda – the Center of Human Reproduction, for about 17 years from 2000 to 2017. She has enormous experience in developing laboratories and has done it in India and Ghana-based in West Africa. She is currently heading the best IVF centre in Mumbai, which provides IVF and other fertility treatments. She is associated with Global IVF and fertility center, which is among the top IVF clinics in Mumbai.

Goral Gandhi’s Career as an Embryologist

Goral’s Career as an Embryologist started in 1996. She did her master in Applied Biology from King Edward memorial hospital, Mumbai where she put up her research work on Quality control in laboratories. After that, she spent three years of her Research period at the quality control laboratory, Hammersmith Hospital, UK. She subsequently served as a Research Fellow at the In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory of the University Hospital, Belgium, and Egyptian IVF Center, Cairo, where she gained extensive experience in all ART techniques and Laboratory management. Over the years, Goral Gandhi has successfully set up many IVF laboratories all over India.

She has been providing a basic course of embryology to many candidates for the last 10 years and has made many clinicians an expert in the field. During her educational career, she used to be involved in various aspects and efforts that help in maintaining the quality of IVF laboratories. She’s been with many hospitals and research institutes where she proved her intelligence and understanding of embryology and IVF specialty. Her research and studies have continued to benefit a lot of embryology students in the field. She is the founder of Global fertility solution, a leading fertility center that provides treatment at low IVF cost in Mumbai.

Her Contribution as an Embryologist

Her biggest contribution to the fertility field is “Global Fertility Solution” and “Global IVF Fertility” which she opened to help couples struggling to conceive, “Learn IVF” opened to train students in the field of Embryology and IVF where she provides a variety of IVF training courses in India with certifications and lives training practices at her IVF center in Mumbai within limited price range.

Till now she has helped over 10000+ students in becoming experts in the field of fertility, be it assisted reproduction technology, clinical research or treatments, etc.

Learn IVF and Embryology with Goral Gandhi

The Students who want to be an expert in the field of IVF and Embryology can opt for getting the classes and live training sessions at the Goral Gandhi Center as she is the best embryologist in Mumbai. Goral Gandhi provides the best course in clinical research and embryology where she provides the benefit of customizing any courses according to your needs and learning.

Goral Gandhi has been at forefront of embryology in India and is a leading name around the world. She is currently serving as one of the best pioneers in the reproductive healthcare segment of the country.  Goral Gandhi is the best embryologist in India and also provides training for embryologist in Mumbai. She has also been a perfectionist in establishing assisted conception labs – with a focus on better practices in IVF, as well as education in all aspects of embryology training and laboratory training.

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