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From A Single Cell to Miracle: The Fascinating World of Embryology

From A Single Cell to Miracle: The Fascinating World of Embryology

Ever wondered how life begins? Embryology takes you on a mind-blowing journey, revealing how a single fertilised egg transforms into a complex being. Thinking about IVF? Skilled embryologists are your secret weapon. They nurture embryos in labs, boosting success rates and minimising risks. Experience matters!

With the right embryologist by your side, your IVF journey can be filled with confidence and hope.

How the IVF Process Works:

How the IVF Process Works:

Ever dreamed of building a family? IVF opens doors, but skilled embryologists are the guiding lights. Let's explore their role:

  • Boosting Egg Production: The reproductive endocrinologists help your ovaries produce multiple eggs using specialised medications.
  • Retrieving Mature Eggs: The endocrinologist removes all the fluid from the ovaries. The embryologist, using an advanced microscope, carefully collects mature eggs from this fluid.
  • Selecting the Strongest Sperm: The embryologists use very advanced and cutting edge sperm selection techniques to isolate the healthiest possible sperms to optimise fertilisation. Goral Gandhi, with her vast experience of successfully handling the most difficult male infertility cases, gives a great weightage to careful customisation of ideal selection of sperm selection technique for individual cases.
  • Creating New Life: Eggs and sperm meet in the lab under the watchful eyes of the embryologists. Careful maintenance of the environment is extremely crucial for successful fertilisation and creating life. Goral Gandhi’s philosophy of erring on the higher side of caution ensures excellent management of all embryology laboratories that she uses.
  • Nurturing Tiny Miracles: The embryologists closely monitor embryo development, ensuring their health and viability. There is a very detailed protocol to be followed daily, till the time the embryos are growing in the incubators. The embryologists evaluate the growth of the embryos and grade them as per developmental markers.
  • Planting the Seeds of Hope: The embryologists choose the best possible embryo to transfer back in the uterus. The selection process has utmost importance. There are many sophisticated AI based options available for selection of embryos. However, undoubtedly, the experience of the embryologist matters the most in this process. After selection, the embryologist carefully loads this embryo/s in a special catheter and hands it over to the endocrinologist to transfer back into the uterus.
  • Cryopreservation of extra embryos: After transferring the best embryo to the uterus, the extra embryos are cryopreserved by the embryologists using cutting edge advanced Vitrification techniques. Goral Gandhi is a pioneer in the field of Vitrification of eggs and embryos and has trained over 600 embryologists across 13 countries in this technique. Your precious eggs and embryos are safest in her expert hands.
  • Screening for diseases using Preimplantation genetic testing: The embryologists help to choose a disease free embryo through genetic testing. They carefully biopsy a few cells out of the tiny microscopic growing embryo and send the cells for genetic testing. Depending on the results, they choose a healthy, disease free embryo for you.
  • Celebrating New Beginnings: The embryologists celebrate each and every positive pregnancy. Please always share your good news with your embryologists!

With their amazing skill and expertise at every stage, embryologists create these miracles in their embryology laboratories, turning your dreams into reality.

Our Embryology Laboratory: Your High-Tech Heaven

With Goral Gandhi at the helm of the embryology aspects of your cycle in her chosen embryology laboratories, you have a great winning combination of technology and expertise!

Her vast experience of over 25 years and handling over 15,000 IVF/ICSI cycles, to create viable embryos with highest possible chances of pregnancy. Turning your dreams of parenthood into reality is her passion!

Undergoing IVF at another centre? How Goral Gandhi Guides Couples Across the Globe Through IVF:

Building a family can be a complex journey, especially when facing infertility. But you don't have to walk it alone. Meet Goral Gandhi, the embryologist, your trusted partner, and champion throughout the IVF process. Best part is, no matter where in the world you are taking your treatment, she can still be your expert guide!

Imagine an expert who takes the time to understand your unique story, medical background, and hopes for parenthood. She'll answer your questions, address your concerns, and break down the IVF process into clear, understandable steps.

She'll be your constant source of knowledge and support throughout your journey. She'll explain treatment options, guide you through medication protocols, and empower you to make informed decisions about your care.

But her role goes beyond just science. She understands the emotional rollercoaster that often comes with infertility, offering a compassionate ear, celebrating your victories, and offering encouragement during challenging moments.

When it comes to critical procedures, like egg retrieval, fertilisation, and embryo transfer, she'll be there with precision and care, keeping you informed and involved every step. Think of her as your guide, cheerleader, and partner in parenthood. She'll walk beside you, offering expertise, empathy, and unwavering support as you make your dream of a family a reality.

Ready to start this journey? Let's connect and build your family together.

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