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What Is Fertility Counselling?

Fertility counselling involves medical, clinical as well as psychotherapy sessions tailored to support individuals facing fertility challenges. If you've been attempting to conceive for six to twelve months and encountering fertility problems, this form of counselling can provide valuable assistance.

Even if you are single or married but not planning to start a family anytime soon, it is advisable to have fertility counselling and fertility evaluation to understand your fertility potential. This will help you in planning your future family.

 Dr. Goral Gandhi is taking a picture with a family and holding an IVF baby in her hand.

How Does Goral Gandhi Assist in Fertility Counselling?

At Global IVF Clinic, we provides valuable guidance through fertility counselling in the following ways:

  • Expertise and Experience: With over 25 years of experience in infertility, Goral Gandhi offers knowledgeable insights and understanding.
  • Personalized Approach: Goral Gandhi believes that no patient is alike and everyone has their own unique situations. She tailors counselling sessions to address your concerns and challenges on your fertility journey or fertility planning.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: She offers information about various aspects of infertility, treatments, and emotional elements, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Emotional Support: Goral Gandhi acknowledges the emotional toll of infertility and provides a supportive environment to discuss your feelings and fears. She is extremely compassionate and has an inherent quality of making her patients feel very relaxed, comfortable and stress-free.
  • Treatment Understanding: She helps you comprehend your treatment options, the procedures involved, and what to anticipate. She ensures that all patients arrive at very well informed decisions concerning their treatment.
  • Stress Management: Goral Gandhi assists in managing stress by providing coping strategies and techniques to navigate the emotional ups and downs.
  • Post-Treatment Strategies: In case of unsuccessful attempts, she offers strategies and support to cope with disappointments. She analyses all the past treatment protocols, results and then arrives at strategies that would elevate future success.

What Questions Should I Raise During Infertility Counselling?

It's crucial to pose the right questions to your counselor during infertility counselling. Here are the essential 10 fertility-related inquiries that you should not overlook:

  • How often will our counselling sessions occur?
  • What specific tests are necessary for our situation?
  • What are the associated costs, and does our insurance cover infertility treatment?
  • Are there immediate care options available to us?
  • Can you provide information about the clinic's success rate?
  • Is fertility medication recommended in our case?
  • How can infertility counselling help us manage stress effectively?
  • What options are available if I am unable to carry a pregnancy?
  • What is the safety profile of infertility treatments?
  • What are the potential outcomes if we decide not to pursue treatment?

What is the Role of an Embryologist?

Within an IVF facility, embryologists hold a pivotal position as scientific experts who are actually responsible for the creation of life and the formation of patients’ babies. Often referred to as the 'caretakers' of patients' sperm, eggs, or embryos, these “babymakers” nurture this nascent stage of life.

However, their responsibilities extend beyond the laboratory. Embryologists also interact directly with patients, whether during initial informational sessions, providing updates on embryo development during egg retrieval, or assisting during embryo transfer. They are the vital link in the chain, utilizing their expertise to craft the foundation of your future child.

What are the Responsibilities of an Embryologist?

What are the Responsibilities of an Embryologist?

The embryologist holds a critical role within the fertility team, encompassing the following tasks:

  • Creating and maintaining an optimal lab environment to facilitate healthy embryo development.
  • Generating viable embryos for immediate IVF use or cryopreservation for future procedures.
  • Ensuring that the embryology lab offers an ideal embryo growth and preservation setting.
  • Conducting egg insemination to initiate embryo formation.
  • Freezing sperm, eggs, and embryos as part of the cryopreservation process.
  • Assessing and monitoring embryo quality and progression.
  • Performing embryo biopsies to examine specific embryos for genetic disorders.

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