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What is Mini IVF or Minimal Stimulation IVF?

What is Mini IVF or Minimal Stimulation IVF?

Mini IVF treatment or minimal stimulation IVF is just like the normal IVF process. The only difference between conventional IVF and mini-IVF is the dose of medications. In Mini IVF treatment the medications are fewer and the process is less invasive. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of this process which we will study later on this page mini IVF in Mumbai.

Mini IVF Process:

Mini IVF process consists of the following phases: Follicular/egg development, egg and sperm retrieval and preparation, fertilization, embryo development, and embryo transfer.

  • Ovarian Stimulation:
    During this phase of the mini-IVF process, all women are asked to take some hormone-based medications(such as Follistim, Gonal-F, or Menopur) at daily doses of 225 IU or more which in turn prepares the ovaries to release a lot of eggs that are good quality, unlike the normal process where only one egg is released. This happens to start from the 2nd day of the woman’s cycle to the 4th day (any day in between this). Once the stimulation medications are given, there so regular monitoring of the uterine lining and follicle and hormonal development.
  • Egg Retrieval/Sperm Retrieval:
    Egg retrieval typically happens 35 hours after the stimulation medications are given. After the monitoring of the follicles and the uterine lining, it can be seen that the eggs are ready to collect. During this process, the IVF lite specialists in Mumbai and the physicians collect eggs using e needle which is hollow and can pull eggs through suction from the follicle. While on one hand the eggs are being collected, the sperm samples are also being derived from the male partner. The sperm can be collected by ejaculation in a sample box or in case of not being able to produce sperm normally they are collected through medical processes like PESA, TESA, and TESE.
  • Fertilization:
    After collecting the samples from both partners it is time for the sperm and the egg to form an embryo in the lab. The fertilization here happens just like conventional IVF. The sperm samples are placed with the eggs in a Petri dish and allowed to fertilize. This case is successful when the sperm is normal and has high motility. But we get patients at our IVF clinic in Mumbai who have issues with sperm motility. In that case, they are advised for ICSI treatment. In ICSI the sperm is directly injected into the egg by a hollow needle. After the fertilization happens, they are moved to a nourishing media that acts like a fallopian tube and makes them grow into healthy embryos. On the 5th day of fertilization also known as the blastocyst stage, the embryo is genetically tested to rule out any genetic abnormality like aneuploidy (very common for women who are in their advanced maternal age and have lesser eggs).
  • Embryo Transfer:
    Once the embryo develops it is transferred into the woman’s uterus in the early stages of its development. An Embryo transfer Is the last step of this process, once the embryo is transferred it is expected to stick on – the result will be a positive pregnancy. In very few cases the embryos are saved and frozen to be used later if at all required.
Who Should Do Mini IFV in Mumbai:

Who Should Do Mini IVF in Mumbai:

Mini IVF is a low-cost IVF process preferred by a lot of couples who have age issues, who do not want to put a lot of time into the process, and also ones who want to minimize the medication dose. Mini IVF provides all the advantages of traditional IVF while requiring less medicine, fewer injections, a lower chance of side effects, less stress, fewer doctor appointments, and lower costs. Additionally, small IVF reduces the generation of too many embryos, removes the possibility of multiple pregnancies, and poses no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. IVF lite in Mumbai is done in cases where:

  1. Women have a low ovarian reserve that cannot be increased with traditional IVF.
  2. Women who would like to reduce the risk of multiple fertilized embryos.
  3. Women are advised to not take a lot of medications.
  4. Women who are financially unstable would want to reduce their expenses.
  5. Women who have blocked fallopian tubes.

Our fertility experts will guide you through the entire process and make you aware of all infertility treatments. Our IVF center in Mumbai is known for excellence and care and we take pride in being the center with all types of fertility treatments under one roof. Connect with us if you are looking for Mini IVF in Mumbai or IVF Lite in Mumbai.

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