What is Advanced maternal age and can a 50-year-old do IVF?

What exactly does advanced maternal age mean? This question comes as a surprise because women and in general men as well are very conscious of how they look and what they eat nowadays. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, which is excellent. So, what decides our age? as age is just a number. But in the case of women, the woman’s egg ages along with her and it is quite possible for you to maintain your beauty with time but unfortunately the eggs have a pattern of aging and age with each passing day. So now if we combine the egg count and egg quality with age.

IVF for advanced age women

Women are at their “reproductive best” in their late 20s or early 30s. With the 30s passing by the fertility rate goes abnormally down and it is very difficult for a woman to get pregnant normally without having any issues.

Indicators of advanced maternal age and how does age affect IVF?

A woman is born with all the eggs she has or will ever have, to understand a woman’s age and how fertility declines it is very important to know that the eggs grow old with us, they have the same age. With each year passing the quality and quantity decline. Fertility declines at a very fast pace when the woman reaches her late thirties and enters her 40s. By reaching 40 there is a sharp decline in the chances of conception.

A lot of women have this question in their mind when they come to us- What is the right age for IVF? The truth is that advancing age co-relates with the decreasing egg quantity. As eggs age, they do not have a normal structure as a normal egg which in turn is very adaptive to fertilization. This results in low pregnancy rates. The older the eggs get they also are prone to end up having some chromosomal abnormalities followed by a miscarriage. There are a lot of advanced IVF techniques that help couples take the right decision of choosing and going forward with IVF in Mumbai.

In a few more cases where a woman reaches an advanced maternal age, she is most likely to have other issues that trigger infertility, like endometriosis. These infertility-related problems activate other problems that start contributing to non-conception and implantation failures.

Treatments are advised in advanced maternal age to increase success rates

IVF for old age women in Mumbai

The age group that can be called an advanced maternal age is above 35 when the eggs start to fall down in quality and in quantity too. This phase is extremely sensitive as women have not been able to start their family for whatsoever reason- be it medical (they are going through a medically unfit phase where they cannot think about getting pregnant) in this case we are specialists in Mumbai offering the best plans for Egg freezing In Mumbai., if you have made up your mind on starting a family but cannot do it right away – Egg freezing is the way. The other reason could be their career.

They have lost that golden time when they could have easily conceived but what’s gone is gone. In this case, we advise Mini IVF in Mumbai which is minimal stimulation IVF in the advanced maternal age, where the woman is exposed to the least number of invasive surgeries and fertility medications to retrieve less but good quality eggs. Mini IVF, Low stimulation IVF, Miniature IVF, and micro-IVF are all same treatments but with different names.

In most cases of advanced age IVF, the patient likes to choose her own eggs for obvious reasons but there are chances that she may not have enough eggs to do the process, in that case, she chooses a healthy egg donor and this process then becomes IVF with donor eggs. Thankfully IVF in Mumbai, Egg freezing in Mumbai, Advanced age IVF in Mumbai, IVF for old age women in Mumbai, IVF with self-eggs in Mumbai, and IVF with donor eggs in Mumbai is so common nowadays that it becomes easy to guide the educated lot about it. Thanks to awareness.