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Please read on if you want to benefit from having a professional to guide and hand-hold you through your fertility journey.

Difficulties in getting pregnant can be immensely hard for many couples. Goral Gandhi, a Clinical Embryologist says: “In my 25 years of career, I have seen that most patients are hesitant to discuss their fertility issues even with their closest family and friends. Going through infertility is hard enough as it is, and the burden of going through it alone increases stress levels, which in turn makes it even more difficult to conceive. “

Most patients take some time in getting professional help. It is not an easy step for them to make. After the initial consultation at a fertility clinic, they feel even more confused and very overwhelmed. Most of the things discussed are not understood clearly by many patients. This makes them feel even more vulnerable and helpless.

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Who We Help?

  • Are you struggling to conceive?
  • Does it feel that you have no control over what is happening?
  • Are you thinking of freezing your eggs or sperm?
  • Are you stressed or depressed while trying to conceive (ttc)?
  • Are you worried about your future fertility?
  • Have you failed IVF and want to know what can be done differently?
  • Are you currently undergoing fertility treatment but do not really understand what is going on?
  • Do words like embryos, blastocysts, ovulation, assisted hatching, PRP, PGT, etc confuse you?
  • Do you wish to empower yourself with up-to-date knowledge about the latest evidence and research in the field of fertility?
Who We Help?
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Goral Gandhi is a Consulting Clinical Embryologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of infertility. In her 25 years of being in the field, and having handled thousands of infertility cases, she has gained a deep understanding of all aspects of fertility and embryology, including the emotions surrounding the entire journey.

With a plethora of varying options of treatments available, new add-on therapies, and the success rates being around 60% in the best scenarios, it is crucial to remain very well informed about your body and treatment. Infertility treatments including IVF are all about individuals, finding out what may work best for you, and customization.

Goral Gandhi has set up a consultation service where she can help you arrive at your own personalized treatment plan, and understand all your embryology results from your IVF or IUI treatment. Her consultations are specifically designed to help you arrive at your personalized treatment plan, follow on from your initial consultation with your IVF clinic, and arrive at effective strategies after a failed IVF attempt.

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Most importantly, she has also realized in the last two decades of being in the field of infertility and IVF that most patients are immensely uncomfortable discussing their problems of infertility with anyone. The initial consultation with the fertility clinic leaves them more confused and stressed than ever. Stress affects infertility and infertility can cause stress!! It is a very counter-productive vicious cycle.

Recognizing the need for taking the stress out of fertility treatments, fertility education, and providing all-round support to couples and individuals going through fertility treatments was the genesis of her consultation services which would become Your Fertility Coach.

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You can book a consultation with Goral Gandhi by calling on +91 9833401240 or email at wecare@globalfertilitysolution.com or visit www.goralgandhi.com

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