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Exploring the Option of Egg Freezing in Mumbai

Exploring the Option of Egg Freezing in Mumbai

With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to freeze a woman’s egg and preserve her fertility, so that she can have a family later when she wants. In this process, the woman’s eggs are collected, followed by freezing and then thawing later, so that they can be used in infertility treatments in Mumbai. The reasons for freezing can be different; some do it for their medical condition whereas some choose this option as they are undergoing some medical treatment that is affecting their fertility. Egg freezing in Mumbai can also be opted for by women who are not ready to have children and want to conceive in the future. It is known that a woman’s fertility decreases with the increase in age as the quality and quantity of eggs fall down. So, the eggs are retrieved from women at a younger age when they are of the highest order and used later at the time when they want to have pregnant.

Types of Egg Freezing

Types of Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a procedure that involves freezing a woman’s eggs for future use. There are two types of egg freezing: social egg freezing, which is done for non-medical reasons, and egg freezing for medical reasons. The latter is typically done when a woman has been diagnosed with cancer and needs to undergo treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or when there is a family history of fertility problems or certain mutations.

Why do women opt for egg freezing? A female fetus has around 7-8 million eggs at around 20 weeks, which decreases to 1-2 million at birth and further to 300,000 at puberty. By the time a woman reaches 40 years of age, she has only around 60,000 eggs left. As women age, their fertility and the quality of their eggs decline. However, some women may wish to delay pregnancy for medical or personal reasons. At Goral Gandhi’s egg freezing center in Mumbai, women can opt for this safe and helpful procedure, which provides them with the chance to conceive in the future or have a biological child. Our Best egg freezing clinic in Mumbai offer the latest technology and expertise to ensure that the eggs are properly frozen and stored. To produce a number of eggs at the time of retrieval,

In addition to egg freezing, our center also offers egg freezing cost in Mumbai, which is a similar procedure for men. If you are considering freezing your eggs or sperm, contact Goral Gandhi’s center in Mumbai for a consultation and to learn more about the process.

Egg Freezing process:

The process mainly consists of the following steps:

Consultation, diagnostic treatments, and orientation: Before you decide to store your eggs, you will be given a consultation from the healthcare team regarding the procedure. They will gather information about fertility and your overall health. You will further be diagnosed with a few tests including HIV and Hepatitis B and C and screened for infectious diseases.

Stimulation: To obtain egg freezing in India a woman undergoes hormonal stimulation over 10-12 days which stimulates her ovaries to produce multiple eggs in one menstrual cycle (usually 10-15) which in the normal cycle is only one. Stimulation medications are administered through needles. The stimulation process makes the woman feel a little bloated, but she can do all the normal activities until the process of retrieval.

Egg retrieval: The eggs are retrieved after the stimulation is done. The removal takes place from the ovaries using the ultrasound technique while the patient is sedated. The needle is inserted through the vaginal wall into the ovary and draws the egg.

Egg freezing: Also known as Vitrification, the process takes place after retrieval. Each egg is dipped in a special fluid solution and then stored in liquid nitrogen for years depending upon the requirement. Only the viable and mature eggs are frozen and are capable of fertilization at later stages.

Who can benefit from Egg freezing?

  • Women who are undergoing cancer treatments, chemotherapies, and radiation can freeze eggs before the treatments and use them later to conceive.
  • Women who have had an early history of menopause can also freeze eggs as the loss of eggs accelerates.
  • Women with severe endometriosis.
  • Women who choose to postpone their pregnancy due to medical or personal reasons.
  • Women who are undergoing or about to go for any surgical procedures are expected to lose ovarian functions.

Egg freezing clinic in Mumbai

Goral Gandhi is a fertility specialist in Mumbai, India, who combines a high level of medical expertise with the latest IVF treatment-related medical technology to offer high success rates among Infertility treatments. For more information or consultation please write to goralgandhi@gmail.com.

The Following Are Cases in Which a Woman May Consider Freezing Her Eggs

The Following Are Cases in Which a Woman May Consider Freezing Her Eggs:

If one is diagnosed with cancer or other diseases and requires chemotherapy or radiotherapy, their fertility can be greatly affected. Therefore, it is advisable to consider egg freezing at an egg freezing center in Mumbai before starting the treatment. if a woman is not interested in reproducing currently, due to non-medical or personal reasons, or if she has not found the right partner, she can opt for egg freezing and conceive later when desired. In addition, those women who face age-related infertility problems and want to ensure their ability to conceive in the future can also consider egg freezing at an egg freezing center in Mumbai. Before proceeding with egg freezing, it is crucial to undergo all the required tests and scans to determine if the woman is a suitable candidate. our team of experts conducts a detailed analysis of her medical history, family history, and health conditions to provide the most suitable solution.

If you are considering egg freezing, we invite you to visit our egg freezing clinic in Mumbai for a comprehensive consultation today. This will enable you to make an informed decision and take the first step towards preserving your fertility.

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