IVF With Self Eggs

IVF with Self Eggs in Mumbai

IVF with Self Eggs in Mumbai

IVF is a process that involves combining the egg and the sperm in a lab to form an embryo. IVF is the most effective way of assisted reproductive technology. In IVF there is an option to go with your own eggs or choose donor eggs for conception. Let us see how this happens and what conditions make you ineligible to use your own eggs for IVF.

What is IVF With Self-Eggs?

In the IVF process, we use eggs from the woman and sperm from the man to form an embryo. When a woman lends her own egg for the process it is called IVF with “self-belonging to the woman” eggs. Now, eggs have certain limitations that contribute to their quality and quantity both. The most important factor that makes a difference to the egg is age. It is generally preferred to use eggs from a woman who is healthy and young. A woman in her late thirties will not have very healthy eggs as a woman in her late 20s, so it is said to make the decision to start the process as early as possible. This type of IVF cycle is also called Self cycle IVF. In this cycle, the child born will have the DNA of both the parents as the semen and eggs used to belong to the parents.

How is Self-Cycle IVF Performed?

In each cycle of a healthy woman, a group of eggs begins to mature. Out of these only one egg participates in ovulation. When IVF is performed, certain medications help more eggs mature per cycle. As a result, more eggs are released rather than just one egg. After the stimulation, it is now time to retrieve the eggs. Retrieval is done using a needle through the vagina, pulling eggs out of each follicle. The retrieved eggs are then fertilized with the sperm sample to form an embryo and transferred into the uterus.

What is the Success Rate of IVF with Self Eggs in Mumbai?

The success rate of IVF with self eggs in Mumbai depends on the AMH levels of the woman. It is said that the younger the woman the better the AMH level. Better AMH levels mean good quality eggs retrieved in good quantity. Basically, success rates of IVF go down with increasing age, condition of a woman’s uterus, ovarian reserve, quality of sperm, etc, this is why it is suggested to couples to make a decision quickly before it’s too late for them to take a decision in their favor.

Who can go for a self-cycle IVF?

Who Can Go for a Self-Cycle IVF?

Typically, self-cycle IVF is the best way to choose when you decide to go the IVF way. However, there are certain conditions that do not allow you medically to choose this way. Like:

  • A woman who is over 42 years of age cannot choose to go for a self-cycle IVF as she will not have enough eggs to produce. Had she been in her late twenties she would have been the perfect candidate for this one. The success rate of self-cycle IVF is much better in younger women.
  • Couples who have a history of poor eggs and sperm.
  • Men who have no sperm, cannot go for a self-cycle as self-cycle requires samples from both parents. If there Is a donor required it is no more a self-cycle. It is then called IVF with donor eggs.

The current lifestyles of men and women have been completely different from what it was a decade ago. Needs of performing IVF in Mumbai and other metro cities is also because of poor health, unhealthy lifestyle,s and poor medical parameters. The concept of egg freezing in Mumbai also rose up when the newbies started to realize that egg quality decreases with time and it’s better, they get their eggs frozen with a good IVF clinic in Mumbai so that they can use them wisely at a later stage of their lives.

We are happy to be educators and empower young people to choose the right infertility treatment in Mumbai, that suits their needs and that also helps them start a family without any hassles.

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