Fertility Counselling

Goral Gandhi is the specialist of all the fertility treatments available and used to cure any issue causing pregnancy failure in couples. In her 25+ years of career Goral Gandhi had dealt with thousands of fertility cases and is doing it since 1996. She has seen couples struggling to have children and understands both the personal implications and the effect on family dynamics.

She started her career at the fertility clinic headed by Sadhana Desai in 1996 by completing her master’s in applied biology from the University of Mumbai, King Edward Memorial Hospital, and concluded her research work on “Quality Control in Laboratories”. Three months of her career she spent learning the quality control in laboratories at Hammersmith Hospital, UK. Later in Belgium and the Egyptian IVF Center, she served as a Research fellow at the In Vitro Fertilization where she gained excellence in all the IVF techniques and methods.

Specialist in Fertility Treatments

Specialist in Fertility Treatments

Goral Gandhi has opened the best IVF clinic in Mumbai to help struggling couples and bring the joy of parenthood in their life. At her clinic, she offers her specialty in various options like In vitro fertilization, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, IVF lite, Intrauterine Insemination, Egg Freezing, Surrogacy, PGD, and PGS.

She has been known as the specialist in all the fields of fertility around the world and consulted over 700+ couples till now to successfully deliver a healthy child. Started with her IVF clinic in India she has now spread her hands in countries like Dubai, Africa, UK, and 13 other countries to provide her consultancy. Now she’s available worldwide to support couples and guide them towards successful pregnancy.

How Goral Gandhi Helps in Concluding Successful Pregnancy?

Goral Gandhi supports and encourages patients to explore and understand the fertility options that would maximize the chances of pregnancy. She always suggests the treatment that is best suited for her patients after understanding the patient’s health history.

She holds excellence in fertility treatments and has a huge team working with her at the center in Mumbai. Take benefit of all the services she offers that will ensure your pregnancy goes smooth and bring you the joy you were seeking for since long.

With her consultancy infertility treatments to couples being an IVF Specialist, she provides:

  • Individualised Care
    Goral Gandhi being an IVF specialist understands that each patient’s needs and fertility issues are different. Therefore she tries hard to provide individualized care to each and every patient at her IVF treatment in Mumbai depending on the complexity of their health condition.
  • Advanced Technology
    Goral Gandhi’s IVF clinic in Mumbai is well fitted with advanced medical technologies to provide the most safest and advanced fertility treatments. Goral’s team aims at providing the highest quality treatments and standards in services to patients.
  • Wellness Program
    During the IVF process, a woman goes through many changes in her body, out of which some will disturb her while some will be felt common. At all stages when a woman goes through an issue, severe pain, and psychological disorders, she helps them in her wellness program where she encounters all types of such problems by counseling and consulting with the patients at her Mumbai IVF clinic.
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