IVF Training in Mumbai, India

Goral Gandhi being a trainer has passed 25 years in successfully training candidates around the world to lead fertility treatments. She has established and designed many leading assisted reproduction laboratories in India. Goral Gandhi and the team continuously making efforts to maintain the success rates at these laboratories.

In her experience of 2 decades and a half, she has delivered over 6000 of babies and helped over 3500 couples in becoming a parent. In total, she had witnessed thousands of fertility cases and experiments which made her an expert in the field of IVF and Embryology.

Goral Gandhi: The IVF Trainer

This highly precise field of assisted reproduction requires perfectionism and to turn the aspirants into thorough professionals through her training is the responsibility of Goral Gandhi. She’s been a leader in the field of ART and IVF along with having her own training institute in Mumbai where she trains candidates who later on qualify in the one of the best IVF centers in Mumbai and other cities. Goral Gandhi is providing her lectures live and organizes various workshops and has skillful experience in providing IVF and Embryology training to the students.

After years of being an IVF trainer, she has designed the course herself including all the important aspects of fertility covered in her courses with live practice sessions at her training institute in Mumbai.

She has carried the whole process with expertise and quality in all the aspects of laboratory management and embryology and has trained many aspirants looking to master the IVF treatments and solutions across the globe. She has conducted many workshops including training in IVF, Embryology, ICSI, Vitrification, Laboratory management, and troubleshooting. She in UAE itself has conducted over 7 workshops related to IVF training and treatments.

Goral Gandhi has trained over 600 IVF trainees and embryologists from all around the world including Australia, the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Switzerland, Spain, UAE, Singapore, Italy, and Turkey. Throughout her career, she has been actively involved in clinical research in embryology. Her researches are directed towards finding new methodologies and innovations that will improve clinical pregnancy outcomes.

Courses Offered by Goral Gandhi

There are in total 4 modules that will help you become an expert in various fertility treatments with each different course which are Clinical Courses, Embryology Modules, ART Courses, and Customized Courses. Goral Gandhi has gained expertise in all those aspects in her 25 years of span in treating infertility in various ways. Let’s know more about the courses offered:

Goral Gandhi
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Goral Gandhi
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