Embryology Treatment in Mumbai
17 Jan

Parenthood is one of the best things any couple gets from god as a gift, but there are some couples who face so many obstacles to be parents. For those people who are unable to bring happiness into their life, Embryo transfer is the best solutions. It is a hope for so many people who want to experience parenthood happily. Embryo transfer is a moment where your hopes and fertility treatment converge. The success rate of this treatment is much high if the couple follows the right instructions. After the birth of Louise Brown in 1978 who was the first IVF baby, there were thousands of people who got success in experiencing happy parenthood.

According to the experts, IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is a method which is used to stimulate the ovaries into releasing healthy eggs. After the eggs got released from the ovaries, they are removed from the ovaries and fertilized into the lab. These fertilized eggs then multiply into the lab and once they start multiplying, doctors again transfer the embryo into the women’s uterus. For a successful embryo transfer, it is essential that embryo attaches itself to the uterus or womb’s wall to confirm pregnancy.

For any IVF patient, waiting for two weeks after embryo transfers is one of the hardest times. It is tough to wait for two weeks to see the result of the decision taken with so many efforts. IVF is not only connected with emotions, but it also needs time, efforts, special care and money. The success of IVF is high, but there are some exceptional cases. A patient who has undergone embryo transfer needs special care. It is essential to keep some instructions in the mind to get a positive pregnancy test. Now here, the question arises, what to do after Embryo Transfer to Increase Success? From the experts, we have prepared some key instructions through which you can increase the chances of a positive pregnancy test.

Embryology Treatment in Mumbai

1. Take it easy.

Here, IVF means to wait for “two weeks” that decide whether the pregnancy test is positive or not. During this time period, the patient needs to take everything easy. You need to relax more and don’t take much stress. The procedure is tough and stressful, but leads to happy and successful parenthood which is why it is worth taking everything easy. This is the time to foster yourself, there is no need to think about the result and taking stress about it. Laugh, sit and relax.

2. Take it easy and avoid high temperature.

For a patient who has undergone IVF, it is essential to avoid heat such as sauna, hot yoga, hot baths, heating pads or anything that can lead to high uterus temperature.

3. Take your medicine on time.

It is recommended to take prescribed medication on time and vigorously. Do not take any medicine without confirming to your doctor. You need to follow the medication chart given by your doctor in order to experience a stress-free pregnancy.

4. Do exercise.

Exercise is the key to stable mental health, but do not go for hard-core exercise. You can opt to have yoga sessions, but avoid hot yoga session as the extreme temperature can be dangerous in IVF.

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