Surrogacy in Mumbai
25 May

The IVF surrogacy cost depends on various factors like egg donor (if required), sperm donor, tests, selection of the right surrogate after proper checkups and screening procedure, embryo development, transferring an embryo into the uterus, regular checkups, medication for the entire months, and delivery of the baby in a hospital under the presence of gynecologist. The average surrogacy cost in Mumbai ranges from ₹ 1006100 to ₹ 2035500. It also depends on the number of attempts tried for embryo transfer.

Cost also depends on the combination of IVF with surrogacy:

  • In some cases, the female partner’s eggs and male partner’s semen are taken for the development of embryo transfer in the surrogate.
  • Donor’s Semen and female partner’s eggs are transferred to the surrogate.
  • Donor’s eggs and male partner’s semen to develop embryo and transfer in the surrogate.
  • Donor’s egg and donor’s sperm to develop embryo and transfer to surrogate.

Before the procedure begins, necessary tests are done to ensure the quality of eggs and sperm and the requirement of a donor. A surrogate needs to go through the counseling session for mental, psychological, and physical preparation to continue the journey of pregnancy for others.

Who Needs Surrogacy in Mumbai?

Surrogacy in Mumbai is the last option for women with certain medical issues that are blocking their way to becoming pregnant. Absence of the uterus since birth is a congenital abnormality and women with the same problems will never have menses or periods. They cannot be a mother by conceiving naturally or even through any other procedure of ART.

  • Women suffering from cancer, severe bleeding in the previous childbearing (that couldn’t be controlled), or rupture uterus leading to obstetric hysterectomy or removal of the uterus are the problems that’ll block the ways to becoming a mother.
  • The damaged uterine lining is also a problem that will keep women in the back seat to become mothers by conceiving naturally.
  • Women suffering from the aforementioned issues cannot conceive or bear a child in their own wombs.

In addition, surrogacy in Mumbai is required by those who have:

  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Repeated IVF failures
  • Any medical condition that would endanger the life of the mother
  • A severe case of Rh Isoimmunisation
  • Repeated cleaning of the uterus is some other problems

A gynecologist does proper checkups, know about the medical history, and then clear – whether a woman can become a mother or not. If you have all your medical reports that indicate you can’t conceive naturally or through any other form of ART, you can visit the top surrogacy centers in Mumbai.

What Is the Success Rate of Surrogacy?

The success rate depends on varied things like the selection of the best surrogacy center in Mumbai or even anywhere else in India, the experience of the team, the surrogate’s medical history, and health, and the egg & sperm fertilization procedure to develop the embryo. Overall, the success rate is around 75% and with guaranteed programs (that you will get from recognized centers), it is 100% as offered with innumerable attempts.

Surrogacy in India is only for Indian couples or even a single parent can reap benefits with certain terms and conditions. For couples, 5 years of the marriage relationship is the first requirement; while the female’s partner’s inability to pregnant is required with certificates to submit. The surrogate should be 21-35 Years of age group with a mother of a child or two. Before you step into this process, you are advised to consult with the experts at a recognized clinic.

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