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05 Apr

The success rate of In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is not always 100% as the possibility of failure in some cases cannot be ignored. No matter, whether you are visiting IVF clinics or even anywhere else for the first time for the first cycle or once again for a new cycle, a failed fertility treatment cycle can increase your stress, anxiety, worries, and frustration too. It can be a terrible experience because IVF treatment cost in Mumbai also matters a lot. Any cycle that doesn’t lead to pregnancy can feel bad and may leave you in a situation of what to do. Failure becomes a topic to discuss because you are not only spending money but your time, your energy, and getting an emotional burden too.

You and your partner will notice a behavioral change higher hopes mean more frustration when this isn’t going well according to your planning. If you are planning the next attempt for IVF, you should come out of the emotions and grieves and take the right decision before getting the next trial started. However, medical science has been achieving new heights of success with inventions in reproductive medicines and the right treatment plans that are recommended in the best IVF Clinic in Mumbai. Here, the most crucial thing is to take the right decision before you step into the next option and know about the possible reasons behind the IVF failure.

You should not forget to note that even people with naturally good fertility aren’t assured of conceiving quickly. Depending on various circumstances and on your prognosis as well as on the fertility treatments that are suggested to you, more cycles of In-Vitro Fertilization may require.

Recognized fertility clinic in Mumbai also pays attention to various key points to improve your fertility and provide you with the right treatment solutions and complete assistance to grow your family. An experienced embryologist Goral Gandhi, who has more than 25 years of experience, describes the potential reasons that may cause the failure of the IVF cycle.

Woman’s Age Matters a Lot in Making IVF Cycle Successful

The most vital factor that may affect the entire cycle is the age of the female. With the aging egg quality and quantity starts decreasing. However, getting the right treatment from a selected clinic like Global Fertility Solutions will increase the chances of pregnancy in advanced maternal age women and those with poor ovarian reserve with the treatment of IVF Lite.

Know About the Embryo Quality

IVF cycle failure cases often take place due to poor embryo quality. In varied cases, it is noticed that many embryos aren’t able to implant after transfer to the uterus because of chromosomal or genetic defects. Sometimes embryos of good quality (in a lab) may have genetic defects. Such embryos don’t grow. If the embryo is not healthy enough, it will not be implanted.

Know About the Ovarian Response

A healthy woman at a young age produces more eggs during the stimulation phase of an IVF. In some cases, women may not respond well to IVF medications producing minimal or in some cases no eggs. This issue is called poor ovarian response and may be common in women with high FSH levels or low Antral Follicle Counts. It may be a common problem in women who have crossed the age of 40 years. If you call experts at one of the top fertility clinics in Mumbai you will get the right solutions and treatment procedures.

Implantation Failure

The last stage of the entire process may also cause failure in IVF because of polyps, cysts, poor blood flow, or thin uterine wall lining. They may all contribute to an embryo not implanting after IVF transfer. You are advised to consult with experts, follow the steps for all tests, and know about the IVF treatment costs.

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