02 Sep

When you know what you are facing, you look for solutions. There are lots of infertility centers available in town. But you have to find the best place for your treatment. Before you approach any clinic for fertility treatments Mumbai, you need to know a few basic information regarding the clinic. Here are some of the FAQs about a fertility clinic.


Is it a certified place?

You have to ask them about the certificates, licenses, or any type of govt approved papers they have or not. If they are certified by government authorities, then this place is safe for you. Once you are sure about their authenticity, you can go there for a consultation.


How many doctors are available there?

Some clinics offer multiple doctors for your consultation. If more than one doctor is present, it is better for your health. If further complications are seen, these doctors can discuss the situation with one another and offer you a valid solution. If the clinic has the best fertility doctor in Mumbai, then also it is good. But more than one is always better in these cases.


Are these doctors experts or qualified for the job?

These types of treatments require special expertise. You must need a doctor who is qualified enough and experienced for the job. Doctors that have been treating such patients for years should be your first choice. So, find out the details of the doctor available at this place.


Which types of treatments and tests are offered here?

Though you are opting for IVF, there are several other treatments available for the same problem. IVF being the most expensive and painful procedure, sometimes patients do not want to proceed with the procedure. So, the clinic must offer all sorts of treatments available in the world of infertility. It will be much easier for you if they have separate test centers within the clinic.



Do they offer support services?

Once the procedure is done, you may require some other help from their end too! There should be a proper support service available for the patients. Please check that before getting admitted.


Do they have their own lab?

If the clinic has its own lab, the chance of getting samples mixed or missed is less. On the other hand, the price of different tests is quite less when they have a separate testing lab.


Is the clinic affordable?

No matter how touchy the situation is, you cannot go for it if the procedure is not affordable. There are multiple clinics available in every city. You just need to compare the price and find the best place for your procedure.


Do they run research regarding infertility?

Some labs have their own research segment too! They back researchers who are working in the field of infertility. Such clinics come up with the latest procedures much before others.


Is it the best place in town?

You are going to spend a lot of money on the procedure. Besides that, the procedure is quite painful. You must go to a clinic where the money and the pain feel worth it. So, find the best fertility clinic in India and become parents soon.


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