best fertility clinic in India
22 Oct

IVF clinics are a blessing for couples who are facing hardship while conceiving. The clinical experts of the clinic with their treatment improve all the odds of conceiving. The fertility specialists of the clinics support every couple by detecting and treating their reproductive woes. If you stay in Mumbai and are planning to give a visit to a fertility clinic in Mumbai, then this guide can be helpful for you.

If you are looking for a good fertility clinic, you can consider the factors that are discussed below:

Success rates

You are visiting the clinic to get desired results, isn’t it? So, if you consider success rate as the primary factor, you can be almost sure about the success percentage in your case. The best IVF centres in Mumbai offer comprehensive treatments such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), IUI (Uterine Insemination), ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). You need to understand the procedures and the rates of them and this would vary based on the age group of the patients.

The technology used and facilities offered

With commendable developments in medical science, the rate of conception has also leveled up to a higher extent. Hence an authorized clinic should also offer the latest fertility treatments, that have evolved with the new technologies, to provide optimum convenience to the couple who are under their treatment. Certain clinics facilitate their patients with procedures like Blastocyst culture, Vitrification for sperms, Embryo scope, Laser Assistant Hatching and to carry out these procedures, expertise in house staff have also been dedicated in the clinics.

Experience of the staff

When you will research the fertility clinics you will get to know that a reputed fertility clinic will have a team of expert professionals who have been specialized in infertility treatments. Most of the fertility treatments are high priced and therefore, you will want to invest in a clinic that has much experienced in-house staff. A short personal visit with a few staff members will help you to feel the entire ambiance of the clinic.

Insurance policies

Checking the insurance policies before considering a clinic is as important as the rest of the factors as the treatment of IVF is not at all cheap. however, most of the clinics in Mumbai do not cover the insurance for Vitro fertilization treatment. So, checking the insurance and its coverage is inevitable if you don’t want to burn your pocket.


A trustworthy fertility clinic will support transparency and follow professional ethics in terms of financial and medical procedures. If you are heading towards a clinic, make sure the clinic provides you with complete transparency concerning the expense related to the procedures. The best fertility clinic in India would also include a counseling session before and after the treatment.

Also, ensure that the expense discussed with you on the starting day should be the final payment you pay at the end. The entire procedure of the treatment should also be explained to you on the very first day so that you can make your mind and body prepared for the same.

This was a brief guide on the IVF fertility clinics in Mumbai. Hope the guide will help the individuals who are planning to go for fertility treatment.

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