30 Jul

Before starting an IVF in vitro fertilization it is important that you understand the different treatment options. Some women in fertility treatment get pregnant through the simplest techniques such as timed intercourse or natural or artificial insemination, or simply after a small surgical procedure to remove a polyp.…

IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai
02 Jul

The answer is YES, vasectomy is a definitive form of contraception in men. The surgical procedure involves sectioning of vas deferens which carries sperm to the ejaculatory duct.

There are two ways to achieve a pregnancy after a vasectomy, the first is following a recanalization of the vas deferens, and the second through In Vitro Fertilization. IVF treatment cost in India varies from clinic to clinic. You should always inquire about IVF in Mumbai from different centres and compare their prices to get the best services.

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