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07 Jul

There are many myths and successes regarding pregnancy at 40. Society is changing and many women no longer consider motherhood as the main priority in their lives or something that they must unfailingly realize during their youth.

However, this produces a first recurring concern: is it difficult to get pregnant at 40? What are the risks of having children at 40?

The truth is that, on these issues, there is a lot of misleading information and few solutions for those women who are determined to achieve it and want to know what their alternatives are.

In this note, best IVF clinic Mumbai evacuate all doubts and answer the main frequently asked questions.

What complications occur in pregnancy from the age of 40?

The myth has a bit of truth since pregnancies after 40 can lead to some complications in the health of women and babies:

It is not that age is an obstacle in itself, but rather that many female pathologies tend to develop at the age of 40 (approximately). These are the ones that can cause problems in the development of pregnancy.

IVF Clinics Mumbai

Also, the chances of being a mother naturally decrease as women approach menopause.

In pregnancies after 40, there is a large percentage of patients with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, premature deliveries (before 37 weeks), and spontaneous abortions.

For all this and more, IVF clinic Mumbai qualifies pregnancies after 35 years of age as “risky.”

But all this information does not mean that you cannot fulfill your dream or live your motherhood as you prefer, in the stage of your life that is most desired.

If your question is “Can I get pregnant at 40?”, The answer is Yes! and scientific and technological advances are responsible for this. Let’s see how …

What treatments are the most recommended for pregnancy after 40?

Taking into consideration the risks that Goral Gandhi, a leading embryologist, tell you about above, your personal decision, or other fertility problems, in Global fertility Solution Clinic experts have the two most effective options to achieve a pregnancy from 40 years of age:

1- Egg Donation Treatment

This option has the highest proven effectiveness rate of all available fertility treatments.

It consists of an assisted reproduction technique in which the egg used to form an embryo is provided by a voluntary donor who must meet certain requirements.

Among the characteristics that they must have are:

• Not having a personal or family history of hereditary diseases.

• Be between 18 and 34 years old, be in good physical and mental health.

• Have at least one living and healthy child before the egg donation procedure.

• The treatment of Egg Donation is particularly suitable for patients of advanced reproductive age, especially over 40 years. Also, for women with ovarian failure or hereditary diseases.

2- In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization (known as “IVF”) is a technique in which the meeting of the sperm and egg to form an embryo passes in the laboratory instead of in the female body.

Then, this embryo is transferred to the mother’s uterus for implantation and constitution of the pregnancy.

Like the egg donation treatment, in vitro fertilization is recommended for women over 40 years of age, as well as patients with blocked tubes, low ovarian reserve, and endometriosis.

Also, for occasions when artificial inseminations failed or there is a malefactor that makes artificial insemination impossible. If you want to know more about in vitro fertilization performed in the Best IVF clinics in Mumbai. You should always ask for IVF cost in Mumbai before undergoing any treatment.

In conclusion…

Achieving a pregnancy after 40 is possible.

It is only necessary to analyze the appropriate alternatives for each woman, in addition to having advanced technology, warm and personalized attention.

Social changes go hand in hand with the leaps and bounds that technology and science take, so being part of them and taking advantage of these resources is a great decision when there is a dream and a desire ahead. If you have more questions, Global fertility Solution Clinic embryologist, Goral Gandhi is here to accompany you.

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