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26 May

Unlike the common beliefs, women are not the only ones who suffer from infertility issues. Men have their sexual reproductive issues too. This can be several things but the most ignored is the low-sperm count. Unlike common sexual diseases, it doesn’t affect your body nor can you see your semen and find whether it is high or low in density. Only the medical tests can prove it and this is why most men don’t get to know about their low sperm count until they want to grow their family. 

In case you have been trying to have a baby for one year and as a couple, you are not getting signs of positive progress with healthy pregnancy, you should go for medical treatment in an Infertility Clinic in Mumbai. Doctors there would like you to have a test to check your sperm count and quality. One ejaculation generally has more than 39 million sperm. But any number below 15 million is designated as a low sperm count. Note that out of 39 million, you only need 1 sperm to fertilize an egg. 

What is Low Sperm Count? 

Low sperm count is one of the top reasons for infertility in men. The reproductive liquid Semen contains these sperm that are produced and nurtured in Testicle. During intercourse, the sperm goes into the uterus of the female partner and fertilizes an egg by penetrating it. 

Low sperm count reduces the chances of getting pregnant directly. Doctors also check the mobility of the patient’s sperm. Mobility refers to the strength of sperm to reach out to the egg. You may have been relaxed after having unprotected sex but the journey of sperm isn’t as easy as you think. 

The normal density of sperm count is more than 39 million per ML. Having less than 29 million sperm per ML is a sign of low sperm count. Sometimes the numbers go to less than 15 million or 5 million. This extreme condition is recognized as Severe Oligospermia

The low sperm count condition can have several reasons including your mental health. Although you can’t decide whether you have this or not by looking at your semen, there are some symptoms to recognize it. This way you can start taking precautions beforehand. 

Symptoms of Low Sperm Count: 

Most men don’t get to know this issue till the day they want to start their own family. This happens because no one can determine the sperm count by just watching the semen except the medical tests. 

The most common symptom is unable to conceive. This only symptom will make you visit an infertility clinic in Mumbai or somewhere else and have you both checked. The experts will conduct tests to determine where the actual issue lies. 

The test can point to some underlying issues such as hormonal imbalance, testicular vein dilation, and blockage at the passage of sperm. These symptoms can show other issues as well that can be considered low sperm count symptoms. 

Problem with Sexual Functionality: 

Having issues with sexual Functionality is a major sign of low sperm count. You go through low sex drive and arousal disorders.

Erectile Dysfunction: 

Not being able to maintain an erection during a sexual intercourse session. This is common and caused by several factors including mental stress. This is also an important sign of low sperm count.

Swelling in the Testicle Area: 

Swollen testicles are signs of low sperm count. Though an accident or infection or a testicular tumour can be reasons behind it, you may consider it as a symptom of low sperm count. 

Reduced or No Body & Facial Hair: 

Reduced body hair is a sign of hormonal imbalance. This imbalance can show the condition of the quality of your sperm. 

Causes of Low Sperm Count: 

Several reasons are there for having a low sperm count. Any one of them or a combination of them can be yours. Note that low sperm count cases have been increasing for a couple of years. As our daily lifestyle is becoming more complex with each passing day, men are facing such issues in their sexual lifestyle. The following are the reasons for low sperm count in men. 

Natural Clock: 

Women & Men both have an ageing clock. The natural peak time of having a child is 24-34 years. Men lose their sperm-producing ability post 30 years. However a man can have sexual functionality till 50 & above, and the sperm count decreases rapidly after 30s. The degenerative changes in the germinal epithelium and Leydig cells play an important role in the reduced production of sperm. 

A decrease in sperm production occurs heavily after 39 years of age. The reports say a 3 times increment in erectile dysfunction among men of 40 to 70. 


Studies show that obese men are likely to suffer from low sperm count according to their increased BMI. The difference between an obese and a fit guy can even go to 3 times. As men are suffering from obesity all around the world, we are witnessing an increase in low sperm count cases. People with BMI index greater than 25 Kg/m2 are likely to face these ailments. 

Bad Lifestyle: 

The bad lifestyle here refers to drinking, smoking, weed, and several other bad habits. Infertility treatment in Mumbai strictly prohibits these habits for couples trying to get pregnant. 

A cigarette consists of more than 7000 chemicals that react with oxygen and do severe harm to your sexual life, sperm quality, and quantity. 

The same goes for alcohol consumption. Excessive intakes of alcohol harm not only the quality of sperm but also its shape. Alcohol interferes with the production of luteinizing hormone & follicle stimulating hormone. It also does intervene with testosterone and the function of Leydig & Sertoli cells.


The reports suggest an increment in low sperm count due to increased pollution. Toxins that harm our ideal internal functionalities hinder us. Toxins such as NO2 and SO2 severely impact male fertility. It decreases semen volume, sperm concentration, progressive sperm motility, and morphology rate of sperm.

Excessive Medication: 

Several medical reasons can also cause low sperm count in men. Treatment of cancer, kidney diseases, brain surgery, intestinal surgeries, and genetic conditions like Klinefelter Syndrome can lead to low sperm count. Some other reasons are as follows. 

  • Weak immune system. 
  • Swelling in the testicular veins. 
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) 

Exposing Your Testicle to Overheat: 

 The ideal temperature for the production of sperm is lesser than our body temperature. As male reproductive organs are outside their bodies, they maintain this temperature. Overheating can lead to low sperm count so be cautious before excessively using hot tubs or using laptops on your lap. 

Treatment of Low Sperm Count: 

The following are the widely known treatments for low sperm count in men. Read them all and go with them as directed by your doctor. 

Surgery: In case of any physical blockages or large varicoceles, surgery is needed.

Medications: Medications are for treating infections present in the reproductive tract. 

Counselling: A combination of medication & counselling can help with treating low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. 

Improving Lifestyle: Improve your lifestyle and leave cigarettes & alcohol at all. Also during intercourse, minimize the use of lubricants. Having sex every other day can help. 

Hormonal Treatment: Taking a hormonal treatment as guided by an expert Infertility Centre in Mumbai can help you to overcome low sperm count. 

Time:  Give it a little more time. Sometimes only waiting and trying does all the work. 


Low sperm count is a common issue and is a major cause of infertility in men. There can be several reasons for it as well as several treatments. For the past few years, Infertility  Centre in Mumbai has witnessed a constant increment in the number of low sperm count cases. In this blog, we have discussed several reasons, symptoms, and treatments available for it. This blog is based on the views of expert doctors. 

In case you or any of your acquaintances are going through this issue, feel free to call us for expert counsel. 

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