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06 Jun

If the continuous and regular unprotected sexual relationship between the partners for six months or more time fails in conceiving naturally, it’s crucial to know about the main reasons that are blocking the ways to help partners grow their families. The reason could be anyone – from any medical complexity to a missing ovary or even any other issue. Consulting with a gynecologist or infertility specialist is important to know about the main issues and then get the right treatment procedure or take any other step to grow a family. You’ll surely get the right solutions from a recognized fertility clinic in Mumbai, where IVF and IUI procedures or even other forms of ART are done along with some minimally invasive surgical procedures like laparoscopy to unblock the ways for a successful pregnancy. IVF and IUI are ideal options with a higher success rate.

You can increase the success rate to the next level if you make some changes in your lifestyle and pay attention to some of the key points. Experienced professionals from top IVF clinics in Mumbai guide you and provide you with some of the best ways. The most crucial thing is to try to manage the preparation for your pregnancy at least a few months before getting involved in this procedure. Don’t forget to note that the lifespan of sperm and egg matters a lot and that is not more than 3 months.

Diet Chart That Matters a Lot in Keeping You Healthy

You need to pay equal attention to your diet that should be well-planned and healthy enough with all essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and ingredients added to consume through varied food types.

  • You need to add wholesome nutrition to your diet; while organic nutrient-dense foods will keep you healthy and productive.
  • Avoid taking refined products, trans-fats, strong drinks (liquid, caffeine), etc.
  • You need to add healthy whole foods, fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds to your diet to consume in different ways.
  • You can also consult with a dietitian to get a diet chart prepared according to your IVF cycle.
  • Quit smoking as it is the main reason behind reduced egg and sperm quality.

Stress Releasing Activities Will Work Effectively

For a higher success rate, you need to say bye-bye to stress. For this, you’re advised to get involved in varied activities and keep yourself busy with things that can increase your happiness level.

Releasing stress is important to avoid negative effects on the major organs of the body. Don’t forget to note that IVF is a challenging procedure and the possibility of increased stress cannot be ignored.

You must try to control and lessen your stress levels. It’ll be better to join counseling sessions for stress management. Watch comedy movies, and stay involved in other entertainment activities, walk regularly, try to live in a place surrounded by lush greenery. These are the best options to reduce your stress to a great level. Yoga Sessions, meditation, a busy schedule, spending time with family members, etc are some of the ways that will increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Stay Connected to the Experts at a Recognized IVF Center in Mumbai

If you stay connected to medical professionals at the top IVF centers, you’ll be able to stay relaxed. They clear your doubts and provide you with details about the entire process including IVF treatment cost in Mumbai. Do a proper search to find the best center according to your requirement and you’ll surely get success. Their main motive is to pave smoothen ways for your happy family planning with a baby or two.

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