infertility clinic in Mumbai
09 Mar

Women who have a schedule of challenging and intense workout can lead them to a less capacity of conceiving. As per the fertility experts, about eighteen per cent of women deals with infertility are women athletes. It is a very common issue among athlete women who prefer long-distance running and in professional dancers too. As per the research, it is indicated that the body doesn’t bear both hardcore workout and getting pregnant. A human body, especially female doesn’t have enough energy to tolerate both things. It is noticed that the women who worked out a lot and have been involved in the exercise that needs much and intense energy face a hard time to get pregnant. Even half of the athlete women don’t even get pregnant in the first year they tried.

Infertility has so many causes related to both lifestyle and medical. The most common factors that lead to infertility in women are excess stress, drink alcohol, and smoking. Being enormously over or underweight can also be the reason for infertility.

It has been proved by the scientist that hardcore workout can lead to infertility in women and most of the influential sportswomen have suffered from the problem of infertility. But it is also proven that work out and physical activities have an essential role in women’s pregnancy. Researchers have researched on about 3,000 women that found that the frequent and over work out have some bad effects on young women’s pregnancy or fertility. Infertility in women mostly happens because of the intense work out and training, this is a reason why ivf treatment in Mumbai being studied about.

infertility clinic in Mumbai

Reproductive dysfunction or infertility is very common among athlete women and is specify symptomatically by postponed primary amenorrhoea (menarche) in girls, also by secondary amenorrhea (cessation of menses) or by oligomenorrhoea (sporadic menses) in young women and adolescents. These disturbances in menstruation imitate diverse extent of ovarian containment and are convoyed by derisory follicular enlargement and prejudiced fertility. Work out or exercise linked ovarian containment corresponds with a mass of physiological and metabolic disturbance that also has several bad effects on health too.

The method of exercise connected ovarian containment is neuroendocrine dysfunction. The supplementary disturbance in the menstrual cycle is termed as FHA (functional hypothalamic amenorrhoea) that has its origin to emotional to physiological stress to reversible adaptation.

Research for infertility in women

Several doctors have been researched about infertility in athlete women in 1995-1997. The women who had participated in the survey were in childbearing age and healthy and no one has such a history of fertility problems. The survey that had done by the doctors and researchers at IVF clinic in Mumbai were about the duration, frequency and intensity of the women’s physical activity and ten years later they were asked several questions about childbirth and fertility. According to the study, it is noticed that there were two groups of women who experienced the augmented risk of infertility. They were those who work out intensely every day. The other group was trained until they got exhausted. These both groups have a higher level risk of infertility.

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