IVF Treatment in Mumbai
16 Dec

Infertility brings along a lot of pain and agony for victimized couples and this is where they have to work a lot to bring a feasible solution upfront. While IVF has come up as the most sought-after treatment in the same context, numerous people fail to take its benefit due to a lack of proper knowledge. On the other side, if it’s about searching for the best IVF center in Mumbai, the situation becomes a bit complicated. That said; let’s take a look at some of the biggest factors affecting IVF treatment in Mumbai.


Age comes as one of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to IVF treatment. According to a recent survey regarding IVF treatment in Mumbai, all the patients more than 35 years of age come along with an embryo live delivery success rate of 27%, which requires them to have at least 5 embryos with an 80% chance of success. On the other side, all the Patients with an age of 38 come with a delivery success rate of 23%, which makes them require more than 6 embryos to further bring upon an 80% chance of success. Talking about the patients aged 41, they have a live delivery success rate of 18% which further leave them with 8 embryos to be there to achieve 80% chance of success.

IVF Treatment in Mumbai

Infertility issues

It’s a given that a person is approaching an infertility center in Mumbai due to their random infertility issues. These health issues could be anything from an Ovulation issue, endometriosis, low sperm count or fallopian tube blockages. Moreover, you may not be able to ascertain the existence of the issue until you get it diagnosed by an infertility clinic in Mumbai. Hence, dealing with a good Infertility doctor can help you with the same cause.

Past pregnancy

Any past pregnancy ultimately increases your chances of getting pregnant with the help of IVF. Likewise, any past miscarriage in the same context would also decrease the same chances. This is where the couples have to reach up to good Infertility specialists in Mumbai in order to get the best result forward. If your results are good, you may not require IVF treatment at first place. On the other side, good IVF specialists can perfectly prescribe the best infertility solution to your specific case alongside.

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