Explanation About the Leading Cause of Infertility in today’s Generation and the Measures to Cope With it.

From the past few years, the fertility rate in India is alleviating. According to the data, about 50% of couples are suffering from infertility. This data shows a huge drop in fertility from the last five years.

Well according to Dr. Goral Gandhi, Scientific Director and IVF Expert, Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai stated about the reasons, why couples, especially from the urban areas, are facing fertility problems. Well, this is the reason why infertility centers are on-demand in India and abroad.

Indo Nippon IVF is a distinguished IVF clinic in Mumbai which operates “approximately about 20 international patients and 40 other Domestic patients according to the monthly data. This is the result of hard work and devotion of the team which brings all ethical practices under one roof. Under the supervision of Dr. Gandhi Patients gets proper treatment or even counseling which helps the staff to build a trustworthy relationship and we also vow to provide quality care and treatment to our patients.

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Explanation of Dr “Goral Gandhi” on the “Cause of infertility”.

Dr. Goral Gandhi says, the leading reason behind the infertility rate is the sedentary lifestyles of today’s couples. The unhealthy practices, acquired by the youth such as smoking, drinking alcohol, obesity all affect the reproduction of both men and women. Life is advance and more quickly than in previous times. For the run of luxury every one suffering from the stress which hinders the personal and professional thinking level of men and women, hence cause hormonal imbalance and infertility. On the contrary, there can be medical reasons such as, blocked fallopian tubes that obstruct conceiving naturally. Career and money are the primary focus for today’s youth, they all want to become finally independent, which is good by why to compromise health? Health is almost ignored by everyone, they are consuming unhealthy food, and becoming unaware that unhealthy today, brings unhealthy tomorrow.

Here comes the expertise of Dr. Goral Gandhi in Egg freezing, in his equipped lab and advanced facilities which help the young ladies surmount the problems connected with their natural/biological clocks by recovering their eggs and freezing them till the time when they decide to have a baby.

Dr. Goral Gandhi says that diet is an essential part and which should be full of rich and sufficient to feed the body. Foods such as eggs, almonds, chocolates, fish, black bean, bell peppers, legumes and yogurt all are essential for the normal growth of the body. Regular yoga, walk, workouts also helps to boost fertility and keeps the body mentally or physically healthy.

How to cope up with infertility according to the fertility expert

Prevention is better than cure, yes it is important to follow the body-friendly patterns. In the urban population, unhealthy habits are evolving they should follow the healthy and calculative lifestyle by giving up unhealthy habits.


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