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25 Feb

Every woman wishes to have her own healthy baby and this certainly comes as the most cherished times of their lives. Yet, a few of them experience through the ill effects of an issue called high-risk pregnancy. The high-risk pregnancy is an unhealthy situation for both the pregnant mother and the infant, which might lead to certain complications for both in the process. “High-risk pregnancy” may sound somewhat alarming, however it is only the method for doctors to alert you to take an extra care of the infant and yourself in the process.

Goral Gandhi can certainly be deemed as the best embryologist in Mumbai who’s always there for her patients at any given stage of their pregnancy journey.

Medical situations that signifies towards a high-risk pregnancy:

Coming on board with health issues like Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney issues, Hypertension, Epilepsy etc.

Addicted to smoking or consuming alcohol.

A women below 17 years and above 35 years.

Experienced 3 or more than 3 miscarriages earlier.

Coming with communicable diseases like HIV or hepatitis C, chicken pox, syphilis and so on.

Existing child is coming with certain inherited health issues from his parents.

Obesity issues that may lead to other health complications like diabetes, hypertension which will at last hazard your life.

Visit the medical specialist if you are experiencing any of the above issues during pregnancy. Speaking of medical specialists, Goral Gandhi is the best embryologist that can help you with all infertility issues regarding high-risk pregnancy.

Besides consulting with a specialist, you can help yourself and your child by following the below steps:

Pay regular visits to your medical specialist while being clear and vocal about the health issues you are confronting.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet full of all the required nutrition like Protein, fibers and healthy fats. Check with a gynaecologist for dietary regimen in high-hazard pregnancy.

Always take medicines that are prescribed and recommended by your medical specialist.

Take regular dosages of Folic acid as it has Vitamin B that shields your infant from child deformities and issues.

Exercise after consulting it with your respective medical expert of physician.

Never miss out on the precautions given by your physician regarding your pregnancy.

Avoid alcohol and smoking during pregnancy as that may have a negative impact on the health of the future child.

Stay away from individuals having colds and other health issues as during pregnancy, you are more prone to catch any kind of flu or air-borne diseases.

You can ensure better health for yourself and your child whilst following the above-mentioned guidelines. Moreover, it is your duty as a mother to secure your baby’s future even before he comes into this world. Beside this, you can follow a health routine and visit Goral Gandhi for all the best consultations and treatments on board.

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