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The time is changing at a rapid pace and as women are standing equally with men in the society – ambitious, enterprising, and intelligent – pursuing varied technical courses, joining the armed forces, in aviation, civil, and even in all industry verticals and businesses – achieving new heights of success. However, in this competitive world, what a number of women are missing is the chance of pregnancy or conceiving naturally. In the race of achieving their targets, they often cross the age of 35-40 and miss the golden time of their life that is counted as ideal for pregnancy naturally. As soon as they cross the age of 40, they have lesser chances of conceiving because of poor egg quality, menopause, and even varied complications that may take place.

However, medical science has witnessed a significant change in the last couple of years and has come up with the option of keeping the eggs at healthy young age freezing them to use later, and continuing the journey of pregnancy through IVF. Egg freezing clinics in Mumbai are working in this direction to help working women, who are more concerned about their career and financial stability and often quit the planning of conceiving at the early age of below 30 years of age.

Egg freezing is one of the most crucial processes of ART that is most commonly used in IVF and surrogacy. Egg donation in Mumbai is another equally important process as the eggs are frozen for a long time to provide needy intended couples for surrogacy or a successful IVF process, in which egg and sperm are fertilized to develop an embryo in the laboratory.

What is the Process of Egg Freezing?

The process starts with the retrieval of eggs from the woman’s ovaries and freezing for later use or at the time when she feels she is ready for pregnancy. Frozen eggs stay healthy and in good condition for years as they are kept frozen below minus 170 Degrees of temperature. Oocyte Cryopreservation is the medical term of this process done carefully by trained professionals.

Why Should Women Decide on the Egg Freezing?

There are varied reasons that will persuade you to look for egg freezing at a recognized clinic.

  • The first one is not showing interest in conceiving at an early age due to focus on career and financial stability, but need a baby at a later age from their own eggs young age.
  • Women suffering from a major disease that blocks the ways to pregnancy or women with cancer can have their eggs frozen as chemotherapy and treatment procedure may affect their fertility.
  • In case the male partner is unable to produce healthy sperm for fertilization in a natural way.
  • Women can get the benefits of egg retrieval and freezing to let them fertilize with the sperm of the donor for IVF.

Is There Any Risk Factor Associated with Egg Freezing?

There are a number of benefits associated with this process. However, the possibility of certain health complications cannot be denied. This process can give women a false sense of hope. Egg freezing doesn’t always ensure pregnancy. A hormonal injection that is used in the process can cause ovarian hyperstimulation. In addition, frozen eggs may not have the same ability as fresh eggs, when it comes to fertilizing.

It will be better to consult with experts at a recognized egg freezing clinic, where the freezing process is done successfully for sperms too. You can contact for sperm freezing or egg donation too. Stay in touch with experts and get the right solutions.

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