IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai
02 Jul

The answer is YES, vasectomy is a definitive form of contraception in men. The surgical procedure involves sectioning of vas deferens which carries sperm to the ejaculatory duct.

There are two ways to achieve a pregnancy after a vasectomy, the first is following a recanalization of the vas deferens, and the second through In Vitro Fertilization. IVF treatment cost in India varies from clinic to clinic. You should always inquire about IVF in Mumbai from different centres and compare their prices to get the best services.

1. Recanalization: The percentage of achieving reconnection of the vas deferens by microsurgery and obtaining sperm in the first year after vasectomy reversal, results in the return of sperm to the ejaculate in 46% to 98% of patients. Up to 65% to 75% of couples can achieve pregnancy within the first year after surgery; that is, pregnancy is not achieved immediately, each case is specific. In the event that the couple is over 35 years of age, the possibility of pregnancy being achieved is further reduced. Since both men and women have reproductive capacity, it decreases after 35 years of age, in women it is more pronounced. It is important to mention that this percentage of pregnancy occurs if the vasectomy is three years old or less.

IVF Treatment Cost in India

2. In Vitro Fertilization: Option that consists of taking a sperm, an egg and fertilizing them in assisted reproduction laboratory, achieving the growth of an embryo in a few days. If the male has a vasectomy, the sperm are extracted from the testicle with a painless technique, under sedation, and through an ultra-fine needle puncture into the testicle. It is a minimally invasive procedure which takes only a few minutes, then the patient can go home without further discomfort. Once the sperm are extracted, the best ones are selected and used to fertilize the couple’s eggs. In Vitro Fertilization pregnancy rates after vasectomy are 75%.

The advantage against vasectomy reversal is that a faster pregnancy is possible if the male partner is over 35 years of age. This makes the pregnancy rate better through In Vitro Fertilization, in a single cycle you can have several embryos with which after the first pregnancy, if you want another pregnancy, it is not necessary to carry out the entire cycle.

Another advantage of In Vitro Fertilization after a vasectomy is that, if the couple wanted to freeze their resulting embryos after the first birth to take quality time before the next pregnancy, time is not a problem. Since the embryos will have the quality and age of the egg and sperm when they were fertilized.

Both the microsurgical reconstruction after a vasectomy and the recovery of combined sperm through IVF, can be effective treatments to achieve a pregnancy, several factors affect the decision. Ultimately, the choice must be based on the preferences of the individual partner and IVF cost in India. Look for best fertility centres near you to fulfil your dream of becoming a parent!

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