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08 Sep

You will find many people in today’s time that like the idea of egg donation.  As compared to the past years, it has now become easy to donate eggs if you wish to do that. However, before you plan to donate your eggs, it is necessary to all the side effects, risks, and drawbacks that could be there. It is a process that takes place once you have made a decision related to egg donation. It becomes easy to make an informed decision once you know all the aspects related to egg donation.

It is important to know all the rules related to egg donation in Mumbai as there have been various psychological and social complications related to it.  There are still many women that find it helpful to donate their eggs to the women that can’t have babies.  You can find many egg donation clinics in Mumbai that can make the process of egg donation easy for you.

Egg donor in Mumbai

What is egg donation?

Once you start looking for egg donation in Mumbai, it is necessary to understand what it is exactly. Egg donation is a process where it is possible for a woman that wants to have a baby. Egg donation also happens for research. Many clinics all over the world take egg donations to help women deal with fertility-related problems.

What motivates people to donate eggs?

Most women prefer to donate eggs so that they can help other women that can’t have babies. This is generally true in the case when the beneficiary is a family or friend of the donor. Some women donate eggs to get money.  There has been researched shows that donating eggs to get money has increased in the past years. It is easy to find an egg donor in Mumbai.

Different types of egg donors are available

Before you start the process of egg donation, it is necessary to know all the aspects that are related to different types of donors. The types of egg donors include undesignated, IVF, and designated.  Designated are the ones that donate eggs to their relatives and friends that need them. There are also unrelated and anonymous donors that are undesignated. IVF is the case when the egg is fertilized outside the body, it happens in the lab under the guidance of expert doctors.

What are the requirements for it?

Not everyone is eligible to donate eggs. Many fertility clinics require a donor to be in the age between 21 to 30 years of age without any medical complications. It is also necessary to ensure that no diseases run in your family background, there shouldn’t be any serious medical conditions. Some of the fertility clinics need people to have some kind of education level so that they can qualify for the egg donation procedure.

If you are planning to donate eggs or you are looking for an egg donor, then you can get in touch with Goral Gandhi. She is one of the known specialists when it comes to fertility-related complications.

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