11 Feb

As per the reports, it was revealed that in Indian couples the fertility rate has decreased to a great extent by more than 50 percent in the current times. In the last years as quoted as per the results of the surveys, the fertility rate has trickle substantially.

On connection with Goral Gandhi who is Founder, Scientific Director and IVF Expert, at Global Fertility Solution, Mumbai, in order to comprehend as well as study the unexpected fall in fertility rate mainly in the urban population and the increase of fertility centers in India and also abroad.

On an average, almost 20 international patients as well as 40 domestic patients in a month are being treated in Global Fertility Solution which is one of the distinguished clinics located in Mumbai. Goral Gandhi says that the team of Global Fertility Solution ensures proper and complete counseling of patients along with ethical practices. The proper well being of all the patients is ensured in order to make a base in keeping our clients as we promise to provide them with quality services combined with high success rates.

Goral Gandhi on “Causes of infertility”

Goral Gandhi says that the reason behind the rising rate of infertility is mainly the irregular routines as well as unhealthy practices that almost all the youth is following today. Bad habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol and obesity is affecting the reproductive cycles of both men and women to a great extent. He also states that stress is also one of the vital reasons for hampering both the professional and personal lives of men and women, resulting in infertility.

Many medical reasons are also responsible for infertility like blocked fallopian tubes are the prime cause for not being able to conceive naturally. Today, the youth has become career-driven as a result their only focus is on being financially independent. The young girls are breaking stereotypes as far as marriages are concerned due to which the level of fertility is continuing to fall down by the time they decide to settle down. Goral Gandhi is an expert in Egg freezing and has well-equipped labs as well as facilities in order to assist the young ladies to vanquish the problems that are linked with their biological clocks by retrieving their eggs and freezing them for the time when they decide to have a baby.

IVF Treatment Mumbai

Goral Gandhi tells that the diet which is followed should be content-rich and not insufficient as it can again lead to road to infertility. Foods like eggs, fish, almonds, black beans, dark chocolates, fats, bell peppers, yogurt and legumes are really going to help you out. Along with a rich diet, regular workouts, yoga as well as a brisk walk can help in boosting your fertility.

How to cope up with infertility as the fertility expert:

A healthy routine as well as a calculated lifestyle which does not include any unhealthy practices should be strictly followed by the urban population today. Giving up on drinking and smoking can help to a great extent.

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