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10 Aug

In fact, there are different reasons that block the ways – leading to successful pregnancy and then giving birth to a child. A major cause in women that put them in the back seat to continue a pregnancy is the quality of eggs – everything matters from quantity to quality and availability of eggs. They also determine the embryo quality and of course, lead to a healthy pregnancy. You should keep in mind that poor egg quality causes lesser chances of pregnancy or no chance at all. The quality of eggs can be poor due to reducing ovarian reserve and sometimes become a common problem in women over 35 years of age. Such issues never come into the limelight, until women are about to get pregnant or struggling with it. If they found themselves unable to conceive, they first all try a home remedy or a natural way to boost it. According to the healthcare experts at a selected IVF clinic in Mumbai, a few simple ways can be helpful in improving the quality of eggs naturally that will surely make the IVF process successful or may increase the chances of conceiving naturally.

Key things to know about egg quality and how to improve it:

Is the Quality of Eggs an Important Factor to Discuss?

The quality of eggs is more important than anything else and you will realize its importance at the time of fertilizing with sperm. It is all that promotes strong embryo development. A quality egg creates better chances for the embryo to implant into the uterus; thus resulting in successful pregnancies. As far as the quality standard is concerned and measured, it depends on the number of chromosomes and the ability to fuse with the sperm.

Eggs that are the major reason behind unsuccessful pregnancy are eggs with no energy to divide post-fertilization.

Some Common Ways that Will Help in Measuring the Egg Quality for Successful IVF 

No tests are done or recommended for the egg’s health. It is measured through varied factors that will clear your doubts.

Women’s Age – It matters a lot in defining the quality as eggs start weakening with aging and causes miscarriage or infertility. As soon as a woman reaches the pre-35 years of age group, the quality will start decreasing.

Know About the Hormone levels – there are different types of hormone level that matters a lot like:

  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone – a test is done to help in determining the reserve eggs. According to doctors, women with PCOS have a high quality of poor-quality eggs.
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone – It is the main factor to provide details about the quality of eggs in a woman’s uterus.

Not to mention AFC or Antral Follicle Count – showing the number of follicles in the ovary.

If the quality of eggs is not improving, it will be better to look for some other options like IVF Lite or you can also try IVF treatment in Mumbai recommended in world-class hospitals and clinics under the supervision and observation of experts.

Improve Egg Quality to Increase Chances of Pregnancy

When you have realized that you don’t have healthy eggs to fertilize with the sperm of your partner naturally, you may visit a recognized IVF clinic in Mumbai. Paying attention to a few simple ways will also help in improving the quality.

You need to consume a healthy diet. It will be better to avoid sugary and processed foods with saturated fats. Reduce the use of caffeine and alcohol consumption as it can affect your fertility. You need to focus on a diet that contains everything you need for improvement in egg quality.

  • Quit Smoking or Minimize It to the Best Level
  • Boost blood Flow – mainly oxygenated blood to the ovaries
  • Stay Hydrated by consuming at least 6-8 Glasses of water or fluid per day
  • Say Bye-Bye to Stress and maintain a healthy weight

Consulting with experienced professionals at a recognized IVF clinic in Mumbai will also help you in getting the right ways to move on the track to success.

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