01 Apr

Your daughter’s wedding day is a very special day and a beautiful occasion. She’s certainly been dreaming of the day her entire life. It’s the day, when you can give her something special to remind how much she is loved: some advice, stories to remember your happy and fun times together as mother and daughter, or a gift to keep forever. Here are some gift ideas for you!

  1. Give your daughter something personal on her wedding day that can be treasured as a keepsake for many years to come. A present at the very beginning of her big day can create a great mood already on the start of the wedding. Take your daughter to the side, away from all the stressful preparations to help her relax for a moment or two. Give her a custom jewelry piece like a family heirloom or just something which can be personalized with a meaningful message. This can be a necklace or bracelet she will want to have with her all the wedding day long or it can the type of gift that she will not use at the wedding.
  2. Marriage Advice Scrapbook: Being married is not just that happy wedding day. Share your wisdom and experience with the daughter when making a scrapbook that she can refer to every time she wants. You may gather some quotes or even a book list that has helped you in your own marriage. Share just from your own experience. Write a partly serious and partly funny list of things about creating a happy marriage. Of course, add some lovely pictures and designs!
  3. Family Tree Book: Make your little girl feel encouraged to continue her genealogy. This is her background that made her the incredible person she is today. Fill the Family Tree Book with pictures, stories, some facts about your daughter’s ancestors. This all may make a picture of what her family is all about. Finish up the book with a page featuring a picture of your daughter and her future husband and then…a lot of empty space, so that they can start adding to their family tree!
  4. Video to remember: Gather some videos you have made on the days your family felt most happy. Perhaps you will find some videos where your daughter is making her first steps, then first birthday, 18th birthday, graduation.. make a big video of these happy moments to show her all that big way she was wandering surrounded with love of her family. And so now it’s the time to create her own family and to take all your love for support.
  5. Gift her a FERTILITY CHECK-UP Package with the best fertility specialist in the city! As your daughter steps into her new role of a wife, becoming a parent could also be one of her future goals. In this modern world with various factors affecting conception and eventually a successful pregnancy, there is no better time to let your daughter become aware of her reproductive health than right now.

The earlier she is able to determine her fertility health, the more options she would have when they eventually decide to pursue parenthood. A Fertility Awareness Checkup will help her in her quest to plan a family by providing an initial overview of her reproductive potential. This will help alleviate stress, as well as save valuable time and financial resources in their journey to become parents.

Depending on her situation, it may be more essential and also the most important GIFT  parents can give their daughter as she steps into marital bliss.  With this gift,  your daughter can assess her fertility status and make informed decisions.

Many other factors that contribute to this include:

  • Being 30 years of age or older, especially if they wish to have a child someday
  • Being under 30 years of age and there is a family history of early onset menopause at the age of 38 or younger
  • Having a family history of fragile egg syndrome or autoimmune disease (increasing the risk of ovarian failure early on in life)
  • Being a heavy smoker or being above a healthy body weight

Most women who are between the ages of 18 and 30 should not be concerned about their infertility until they have tried to conceive with their partner for a year. Still, if you want your daughter to not be worried for any reason, it won’t hurt anything to have a doctor analyse the state of her fertility now and help her plan her pregnancy at some point later!

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