12 Ways to Support Your Surrogate
24 May

The surrogacy clinic in Mumbai has helped hundreds of couples looking for having a child but unable to do so. It can happen due to anything related to hormonal imbalance, physical injury, or poor response of the body to all treatments to conceive. Personal choices can also be a reason to go for a surrogate mother for your child. 

Couples hire a woman of the right age to produce their baby from her womb. But it’s not only a financial deal. A surrogate mother goes through a lot of emotional & physical ups & downs. When using medical advancement technologies to have a baby we must not forget that we’re dealing with lives. It is much more than just money deals. A surrogate rightfully needs your support for 9 months and even after that. As an intended parent, you must understand her value, respect her, and support her in every way possible. 

Here are 12 ways to support your surrogate during her pregnancy.

1. Get it on Planning: 

The early stages of surrogacy take a lot of time, including doctor’s visits, planning, screenings, meetings, and medication. Your surrogate may or may not be married. And in both cases you as an intended couple must take care of the travel medications meetings planning and schedule warm-up sessions among yourselves to build a good relationship. 

2.  Help Them Enjoy: 

Pregnancy is an emotional journey for all women. Doesn’t matter if it’s your child, the carrier woman will go through all the phases a natural mother goes through. And like all mothers, they need care & support. A stress-free lifestyle will help them carry the child better and also provide the child with the right nutrition inside their womb.

As you’re an intended parent, you must make sure that your surrogate enjoys this time. Let them be free and enjoy their time. You can talk to them, understand their condition and help them be free emotionally & do things to take care of their needs. 

3.    Listen to Them Carefully: 

Make sure when you meet your surrogate, you make them feel important to you. Surrogacy and IVF are not easy. They may go through a lot of problems that you may not understand. 

At those times, listen to them. This is the only thing you can offer them as a caring medical business partner. Listen to them, understand their issues, console them if needed, and show that you care for them. 

4. Share the Right Education: 

Your surrogate may be a new person. Though Mumbai IVF surrogacy doctors will share all essential education and precautions for her safe journey through these 9 months. But you’re also equally responsible for sharing the right education with her. You should study these conditions and help them give their best at all times. A successful IVF includes lifestyle changes, medications, an emotional rollercoaster, and understanding the physical changes of the body. 

5. Attend Medical Appointments: 

Accompany your surrogate to her medical appointments. This is important for developing a relationship between you two and letting her grow a sense of trust in you. These gestures show your care, support, and involvement for the woman. The emotional bond developed will later be fruitful when she will deliver your baby. She may want to continue the relationship as many grow a deep emotional connection with the baby. This process will also help you understand the progress of pregnancy. 

6. Regular Check-Ins: 

Regular check-ins are special for the surrogate. Often people really don’t care about the surrogate at all but the child. This is inhuman and against the ethics of the treatment. A woman is carrying your child and it is your rightful duty to support her physically & emotionally. 

Keep regular check-ins with her. This action lets her know that she can rely on you for her needs for the time being. You’re available for her. 

7. Help Them in Their Daily Work: 

Pregnant or not, a surrogate always has to complete her daily work. Household day-to-day tasks or responsibilities can affect her pregnancy. The best way to keep her health at the top is to help her with practical assistance. Share a part of the burden of her household work. This would include childcare, running errands, preparing meals, and other tasks. This will help her to rest and focus on her well-being better. A stress-free life is important to have a successful surrogacy. 

8. Offer Financial Support: 

Being a mother welcomes several bills too. The cost of Surrogacy in Mumbai is quite significant. The total amount includes medical bills, maternity clothing, nutritional food, and several other bills. Legal fees are extra when you’re opting for a surrogate. 

When you’re hiring a surrogate, remember that for the time being you have to care for the finances associated with her surrogacy. The best way to do it is to discuss the financial support beforehand. 

9.    Respect Boundaries:

Each man & woman has their own personal space that they don’t want anyone to break at any cost. You need to understand that. Your surrogate may have some privacy or preferences that she may not feel good sharing with you. In such a case don’t force her. Instead, be open from your side. Show your respect and gratitude towards her. Forcing her to be open and accept everything you want is foolish and will only cause trouble in your relationship. 

10. Give Them Emotional Support: 

As we have already stated, pregnancy is more of an emotional journey than a physical one. During that time, you as a beneficiary must understand the emotional changes she is going through. You should listen to her, understand her point of view on several issues, and empathize with her situation. Having a supportive friend can make an impact on her life and the IVF treatment. 

11. Celebrate Milestones: 

Celebrate each milestone with your surrogate. This can be anything small as 1st-month completion or big as a first kick. A mother, a surrogate, has deep emotional connections with these surreal moments. Acknowledging them will give you joy and trust and a feel as one of you. 

12. Post-Delivery Support: 

Last but not least, don’t forget to support her after the pregnancy. Once the baby is born, you may have the baby but it will affect the surrogate emotionally & physically. Be close to her and help her get a normal life again. Assist her in childcare, meals, personal finances if needed, or emotional needs as a friend during the first few months after the birth of the baby. Also, be connected to your Surrogacy clinic in Mumbai for further assistance after the delivery. 


Being a surrogate mother is indeed not easy. Not only will it affect you physically but you will go through all the side effects that a mother goes through. This pregnancy journey will be tough and a rollercoaster. In such a time, it is the rightful moral duty of the intended parents to take care of their surrogate. However, most such couples don’t even know how to do that. This article is based on suggestions of experts at the Best surrogacy center in Mumbai and sheds light on the subject and tells you 12 ways of supporting them. 

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