23 May

Egg donation is a vital part of ATR reproduction. Especially when you are going through IVF and your body is not able to produce good quality eggs the doctors suggest you hire a woman able and agree to donate her eggs to you for producing a baby with your male partner. 

First, the donor is given rightful meds to improve her egg quantity. Then with the help of a needle attached to an ultrasound probe through the vagina, the egg is suctioned out of the ovaries. The doctors then use sperm from the male partner or from a bank to fertilize all the eggs. This process allows a woman to have someone’s egg and fertilise it with the male partner to produce a baby. 

Surely this process has helped a lot of women become mothers. You can easily get an IVF egg donor in Mumbai at the Goral Gandhi IVF clinic. The process is complex and thus it is good to know everything about the process before actually going into it to avoid any unwanted circumstances. 

In this article, you will uncover 11 facts that you must know about IVF egg donors. 

Who Should Use An Egg Donor?

The decision of having a baby is a physical as well as an emotional decision for each couple. Unfortunately, not many couples are lucky enough to have a totally natural pregnancy. This can be due to several reasons. Poor quality eggs or completely not having eggs is one of them. Following are some conditions in which you should consult with an egg donor in Mumbai.  

  • Having no ovaries since birth. 
  • Going through Menopause.
  • Ovaries are not responding to hormonal stimulation. 
  • Has poor egg or embryo quality. 
  • Have a genetic disease that you don’t want to transfer to your child. 
  • An accident affected your ovaries. 

Facts to Care about Egg Donation Process:

1. This is a grieving process: 

No matter how strong we are, not being able to have a natural baby shakes us all. It is tough to know and process the information when your doctor tells you about your incapability. It may affect you emotionally. The effects vary from couple to couple. Some take a break even for a week or a month to process their emotions while some need to take therapies. 

2.   Selecting the right donor takes time: 

Selecting the right donor takes time and must be approved by both partners equally. Both partners may have different criteria for a suitable egg donor. The best way to do it is to note down your expectations. This can include race, hair colour, eye colour, nationality, health, education level, personal interest, religious practices, talents, body type, height, weight, and many more. 

3. You have a lot of options: 

There are mainly two ways of using donor eggs- frozen & fresh eggs. Apparently, both options have the same success rate. However, it depends on your own personal choice. 

Using a frozen egg ready to be fertilised requires no time. While asking to go through the database and reach out to the donor will require more time. 

On the other hand, using fresh eggs will give you more frozen embryos. This means you can use them later for more IVT processes if failed.  

4.  Donors may choose to remain anonymous: 

Some donors may want to remain hidden for personal choices. In such a case, you must make a legal agreement with the donor through her reproductive attorney. Some may have no problem with their names opening. In such cases, you will have no need for any agreement.  

5. Even family members need to screen: 

Egg donors & intended parents both undergo screening tests to detect any kind of genetic disorders. This is to save the child from any forthcoming diseases. 

Using frozen donor eggs will not need the tests of the donor as it has already been completed. Although intended parents have to go through tests in any conditions. 

6. Costs are variable: 

The cost for treatment in an IVF egg donor clinic in Mumbai costs around Rs 2,50,000 to Rs 4,20,000. Though the cost can vary as per place. This is a rough costing idea for fresh egg utilisation. The frozen egg treatment may go higher. This cost includes meds and donor stimulation. 

7. Treatment Time is Variable:

The time required for completing the process is variable for frozen eggs & fresh eggs methods. The frozen method takes 1-3 months. This time period includes the following steps. 

  • Acquiring the eggs. 
  • Thawing the eggs. 
  • Injecting sperm into the eggs. 
  • Incubating embryos
  • Medicating the female partner or gestational carrier. 
  • A test will happen after 2 weeks of embryo injection. 

A fresh egg will take 3-6 months including these following these extra steps. 

  • Screening tests of donor & intended parent. 
  • Stimulation of donor’s ovaries. 
  • Egg retrieval. 

8. You may have to partner with more than one agency: 

At Goral Gandhi IVF egg donor center in Mumbai, we offer all the services related to egg donation including sperm donation, egg donation, gestational carrier, and many more. However, you may have to collaborate with other third-party services in case of any unwanted situation. Your preference also matters in this case. 

9. Egg donation improves success rate: 

Most donors are in their twenties and have healthy eggs, perfect for use in an embryo. In the twenties, the eggs are at the peak point of health and have better chances of being fruitful. The donor IVF success rate is nearly 75%. 

10. The egg donor cycle may get canceled: 

Though the chances of being pregnant are higher with donor eggs, cancellation of the ovulation cycle in donor females may happen. This is to respond properly against the medicine for stimulating eggs. Intended parents are liable to pay the cost in any situation. 

11. Your first egg donor may not agree to another round: 

Many couples want to have more than one child. In such a case, be ready to hire two different donors. You have to plan it on the first day of your treatment. With age, fertility declines, and therefore your donor may not agree to undergo the process once again. There may be several other reasons such as age, low reproductivity, diseases, hormonal imbalance, and many more. 


Using egg donors is a choice for couples who are having problems conceiving. This is useful if the female partner has some issues in her eggs or is carrying a genetic disease that she doesn’t want to transfer to their child. For getting personalized treatment, you can reach out to a reputed IVF hospital near you. 

Goral Gandhi is a reputed name and one of the best centers for IVF egg donor in Mumbai. A team of exclusive specialists in the industry will guide you and let you go through each stage personally. Call us now if you’re looking for a trusted centre for treatment. For more insightful articles, subscribe to our blogs. 

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